1 1/4″ Genuine Rawhide Leather- Royal


We only use the finest Genuine Rawhide Leather for our collars. These collars are timeless accessories that can be passed down for generations. Give your dog something that is comfortable and eye-catching- a collar they would be proud to wear.

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Having control over your dog at all times, especially in public, is a true necessity for any large dog owner. You may trust your best friend, but it doesn’t mean he or she has no impulse to chase a wild squirrel at random, or start bouncing off the walls when a friend knocks on your front door.

Our Genuine Rawhide Leather collars are hand-crafted to age like a fine wine. Like other Genuine Leather products, StrongDawg collars will soften after a few walks, providing your friend ultimate comfort and security. All StrongDawg Collars are made in the USA.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 1.25 in



Genuine Rawhide Leather


Medium 15″-21″, Large 21″-27″, X-Large 27″-33″


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